Our Performance since 2006 historicaldata

  • Past 8 years, IndusWealth has generated annualized return of 20.8% as opposed to 12.1% by investing in NIFTY and 8.7% by investing in a bank FD.
  • This means Rs 100,000 (1 lakh) invested with IndusWealth would be worth Rs 4.5 lakhs, that invested in NIFTY would be worth 2.5 lakhs, and the same amount invested in bank would be worth 1.95 lakhs.
  • Investing  in Nifty would mean an opportunity loss of 2 lakhs or 80%.
  • Investing in Bank FD would mean an opportunity loss of 2.58 lakhs or 132%.
  • Pl note – Bank rate assumed is 10% but realized rate for the year would be less than 10% as the funds are invested throughout the year

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