We manage your wealth and strive to make your money work for you.

Objectives and Principles

  • Exceed or match the Indian market index (Nifty)
  • Invest for long term – buy and hold
  • Minimize tax liability
    • Avoiding profit booking in the tax period, to leverage the tax breaks provided for long term capital gains
  • Build a diversified Portfolio
    • Investments will predominantly be in Equities, ETF’s,
    • Investments in money market or debt products will be for parking funds for short term, if there are limited investment opportunities
    • Investments will NOT be made in Futures, derivatives, commodities or alternate investments

Client Expectations

  • Desire exposure to Indian markets
  • Long term investment horizon (over 5 years, preferably 10 years)
  • Have risk appetite for equity exposure
    • Ability and willingness to sustain short term losses
    • Understanding that investing in market is inherently risky and willingness to accept the investment losses without recourse

How does this work

  • Your advisor will meet with you to get on the same page on your investment goals and work out a plan for you
    • Identify the amount you will be investing on a monthly basis
  • Open brokerage account
    • Your securities will always be in your account
    • Your broker will provide you online access to your account
  • Fund your brokerage account (link it with your bank account)
    • Fund the account with 25% of the first year’s investment amount (3 months of planned investment amount) in first month.
    • Fund the account by 25th of each month
  • Your advisor will provide trading instructions to the broker to execute your investment plan
    • You will receive statements and confirms of the trades in your account
  • Your advisor will have quarterly updates for you and will send you a year end statement


  • Your advisor does not get any commission or fees from the broker.
  • Your advisor’s interests are completely aligned with your interests.
  • Your advisor has worked with the broker to offer you very competitive rates for the services.

  Why us


Expertise – Investment managers been doing better than the market. Are there, doing that

Alignment of interests – Your advisor will get paid only if you have made more than the agreed benchmark –aligning interests the investor & the manager. We win only if you win

Alignment of risks – Your advisors will also have significant portion of their wealth in the same securities that are purchased for you. We eat our own cooking

Safety – Your funds are in your own brokerage account and are not pooled. You have online access and visibility of your portfolio. Your funds are either in your brokerage or bank account, ensuring safety. No ponzi’s or madoff’s here

Transparency – You will have online access to your account, investment advisors will have regular communications via meetings, calls, blog posts, and emails to you to keep you posted on the progress of your investments. No smoke and mirrors   Download our Brochure

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