Is buying jewelry an investment?

It’s the wedding season, and I get to go to my share of them. I am always amazed at the amount of gold (mostly in the form of jewelry) that is bought for weddings and the find justifications for this interesting. One of the most common justification is “it’s an investment”. Well, the word investment […]

Making a financial plan is like working out….

Although all of us know that working out is good for us and most of us need to work out, very few of us get around to doing it. One of the reasons is, the benefits of work out are realized in the “long term” while the “benefits” of not working out are realized immediately […]

It glitters but also fritters….

Indians have a tradition of buying gold, it is almost a borderline obsession. We import about 1 ton of gold every year!!!, and this is mostly for jewellery or to be stored. It has become a national problem as the wealth is stored away and is not being utilized to create more wealth. For instance […]