Watching business news channels is not investment research

I had some interesting conversations with a few people who considered watching business news channels and reading financial newspapers sufficient research for making investment decisions. It’s very comforting to watch business new channels as some “expert” is confidently presenting a recommendation on a stock and sometimes even giving an intelligent sounding justification for the recommendation. […]

Process vs Outcome

As we absorb the spirit of Olympics and witness some of the best compete, this a great time to analyze various teams approach to process and outcomes. In sport the ultimate goal is to win, but teams and individuals who focus on the final outcome don’t seem do as well as the ones that focus […]

Quarter end results and Market Outlook

As we end the quarter April -June 2016, we are happy to share the results of IndusWealth model portfolio. Results for IndusWealth can be downloaded from the links below: Summary of the returns Portfolio performance summary Benchmark retrun calculations Transactions in the model portfolio Stock wise returns for the model portfolio Market Outlook It’s been […]

Running between the wickets is a great strategy

Virat Kohli & MS Dhoni showed that by good running between the wickets and hitting the odd poor ball to boundary one can safely score about 9 runs an over. This may not seem like a great approach but only 10 of the 46 scores in T20 world cup were 180 or more. Running between […]

IndusWealth FY 2015-16 results

As we end the financial year 2015-16, we are happy to share the results of IndusWealth model portfolio. Investing Rs 1 lakh a month since Jan 2014 in the IndusWealth portfolio would have gain of Rs 7,87,282. The same funds in invested in NIFTY would have a gain of Rs 14,577 or an opportunity loss of […]

Q2 2015 Results

We are the end of the first quarter in financial year 2015-16, and we are happy to share the results of IndusWealth portfolio. Starting December 2014, NIFTY had negative returns for five months in a row. The volatility in the market has been significant. In the last 12 months returns from NIFTY have lost out […]